Coated TMT Bar, or thermo-mechanically treated bars, are indispensable materials in most types of construction projects. Their excellent strength, earthquake-resistant quality and superior bonding properties with concrete are some of the reasons why these bars are vital components of buildings. Hence, buyers must always ensure that they’re purchasing goods from a reputed TMT Bar manufacturer, guaranteeing high standards of quality.

Most of us rummage shops after shops tirelessly looking for the best home décor stuff to adorn the interiors of our homes. How smartly should we be before buying TMT Bar for our construction purpose for making an earthquake resistance foundation, especially in the Northeast?

Read ahead to have an idea about what a common man should know before buying the Epoxy Coated TMT bar in the Northeast.

  • Corrosion Resistance.

The way Coated TMT Bars are manufactured and the way the raw materials are processed, make these bars highly resistance to corrosion. During any construction project, the Coated rebars are exposed to water for a longer period. The anti-corrosion properties of these bars increase their life.

  • High Ductility.

In comparison to regular reinforcement bars, the strength of the Coated TMT rebar is much higher. Higher the grade, stronger is the Rebar. In a developing country like India where construction projects are widespread, Coated TMT Rebar’s manufacturing is an essential activity, provides premium Coated Rebar’s, ensuring a solid foundation for the structures.

  • Clean and Easy to Maintain:

Similar to other smooth surfaces, epoxy is very easy to keep clean. Most materials wash off easily and hardness of the materials makes permanent stains unlikely. We work with many food-related industries and it is critical for them to have the ability to keep their processing plan clean.

  • Non-Toxic

Do you love this earth? We do too! Not only is it most durable, but the epoxy coating is also an environmentally-friendly choice. Due to epoxy’s high cohesion, fumes will not erode or dissolve into the environment including your air or traces of water. Additionally, recoating less frequently results is fewer chemicals being used overall for the construction project in Northeast, India.

These important features make TMT bars the number one choice in all types of building projects in the Northeast. But we recommend that you always verify the quality before selecting a particular brand of coated TMT Rebar’s.

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