The advantages and uses of a fire door are now a piece of common knowledge. In addition, several safety inspection processes require that all critical structures have the required fire rated doors. But picking a random fire retardant door is not a good idea.

Does it mean you must buy a door with a whooping fire door price to ensure quality? Quality comes from the material and the reputation of the brand. So, before you go with the right door, here is everything you need to know to pick the right fire door.

Where to install fire resistant doors?
Firstly, pick all the entrances that are, per rules, required to be guarded by a fire rated door. Overlooking regulations can be dangerous and cost-ineffective too. Beyond that, choose rooms where you plan to store valuables or flammable items to secure with a fire-resistant door.

For instance, the canteen kitchen is one of the primary rooms where a fire can start. Thus, it is best to choose a fire door to prevent fire and flames from spreading to other areas, or in the other case, from reaching the kitchen if the fire is on the outside.

What is a good fire resistant door?
There are several styles of fire doors in the market. First, you can find wooden fire doors, favoured for residential structures. But they are not suitable as they are made of wood in the end. No door material catches fire faster than wood. There are also steel fire doors. Nowadays, they are being used in residential as well as commercial buildings. Although material plays an essential role in the quality of the fireproof door, there is more to it.

A fire retardant door has a frame, hinge, door closer, handles, and lock like any regular door. Along with those, it has vision panels and smoke seals. If the handle or the hinge is not up to the mark, the purpose of the entire fire-resistant door becomes void.

As a regular customer, it is practically impossible to check the quality of every moving and stationary part of a fire door. Here are some technical points offered by the experts at Tata Pravesh.

A good fireproof door should have a fire-rated door closer.
A good door should have a smoke seal to prevent smoke and fire from spreading. The intumescent strip would seal the entire passage.
Door locks, handles, vision panels, and hinges should be tested according to government norms.
Choose doors tested at approved government facilities like ARAI, CBRI, NTL, and more.
The required fire-resistant time of a door is 120 minutes.
Lastly, choose doors with a good powder coating and manufacturing warranty.
Every element used in the door should be fire rated, like silicone gel, vision glass, and more.

Aesthetic factor
We go for fire resistant doors because of safety and regulations. However, this does not dictate that you should install large bars of steel and bring down the aesthetic factor. All places should ideally house a good-looking fire retardant door, from the entrance to the backside exit door. Thus, pick the ones with aesthetic characteristics too.

Choose doors that come with a grain finish. Also, it would benefit if you preferred those less prone to cracking, peeling, and other damage. Beyond usage damages, it should also resist sun, water, and, most importantly, termites.

A fire door can be made more secure by adding more accessories. These accessories would ensure better safety and durability for the product. Choose a door that allows a high grade of add-ons. Common add-ons for your fire door are panic bar, deadlock, D-handle, door stoppers, and more.

Why go for Tata Pravesh’s fire retardant door?
Checking all the above criteria, information about certifications, testing, and more would take a lot of time and effort. At the same time, choosing the first fire resistant door you see on the Google page is not wise either. Thus, we have a better solution.

Choose fire-rated doors from reliable brands like us, Tata Pravesh. All the information regarding the product, material, warranty, features, and more are readily available. All products and sub-elements that make up a fireproof door are well-tested and approved. In addition, all the products comply with the fire regulation act requirements.

Beyond all these factors, Tata Pravesh also offers a high-quality installation process for your fire doors. You will also receive a team of experts who will install the fire doors perfectly.

In conclusion, just some random fire rated door is not enough. It would be satisfactory if you had an exemplary manufacturing process and a fire resistant door guarantee. Of course, no one wishes for a fire accident. However, your fire door should stand to cut off the spread and damage from when it occurs.