TMT bars play a significant role in the durability of the concrete structure. Handling TMT bars with care will ensure excellent performance while constructing buildings.  The key points that determine the quality of TMT bars: 

  • Manufacturing Techniques – The manufacturing technique is one of the most important factors to determine the rate of TMT bars. The most advanced manufacturing process is the TMT route known as Thermo – Mechanical Treatment. The manufacturing of TMT bars takes place in three consequent stages – self-temping, atmospheric cooling, and quenching. It guarantees flexibility and strength in the steel TMT bars.   
  • Ductility – The strength and flexibility ensure the superior structure of TMT bars. The standard measure is specified in IS:1786.  
  • Rib Structure – The execution of a concrete structure depends on the rib style of the TMT bars. Two or more angular ribs help hold the concrete bond and tehsil load of the buildings on a large scale.  
  • Weldability – When there is low carbon content in TMT bars, the welding works becomes easy. Outstandingweldabilitymakes it easier for construction workers.    
  • Bendability – Because of the advanced quenching, the surface layer of the TMT bars gets toughened. It makes the TMT bars easily bendable. The determination of cutting and bending is as per the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) certification.  
  • Dimension Tolerance – When the determination of grades of dimension is done, there are nominal values that are specified in the BIS code. Good quality TMT bars depend on the closing values of sectional weight; it ensures higher meterage per unit weight.   

TMT bars have great rib structure and elasticity; it helps in holding the load of the concrete structure. At the same time, it ensures protection against danger and provides security for the house.    

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