The most constructive processes in the production of TMT bars are the tempcore process. Tempcore process is based on the principle of heat treatment. The process of Tempcore has superior qualities and good advantages over any other manufacturing rebars. 

How do Tempcore works? 

The Tempcore process adds to the robustness of TMT bars by instant cooling. The final output of the TMT bar turns out to be a product of strength and ductility after it is being re-heated. The heated steel is passed onto the mills. The shapes and sizes of the TMT bars are furthered processed by Tempcore Technology  

Stages of the Tempcore  process are: 

TMT bars are quenched, once they leave the mill stand. By using cooling installations, the TMT bars are cooled with water sprays. The outer surface of the TMT bars hardens, by converting it to Martensite. Once the quenching is done the higher core temperature moves towards, Martensite which is the cooled surface. The cooling bed received the rebar and then atmospheric cooling changes the core into Ferrite- Pearlite structure and then compressed to grow and strengthen them.  

Some of the unique properties of Tempcore Process 

  • Superior strength due to tempered outer layer of Martensite.
  • High malleability due to Ferrite- Pearlite that allows galvanizing, bending, and strengthening  without the loss of tensile properties or cracks   
  • Even in a high or low temperature, it maintains strength and ductility 
    4. Highly resistant to seismic properties. 

Advantages of Tempcore Process 

  • Superior quality
  • Savings in steel
  • Great strength

The tempcore of the TMT bar ensures the highest standards of strength and quality. TMT bars for constructing the best of the best structures. They are preferred over many other constructing materials because of the ductility. Apart from all these features, it also secures the house from harsh weather conditions and other dangers.  

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