Doors are the enigmatic part of our personal space, which increases interest in what’s hidden behind and opens to reveal our world back when closed. Nothing makes a great first impression of our property like an aesthetic and striking pravesh (entrance) door. And when it comes to choosing doors either for homes, offices, and hotels, we Indians have been quite traditional and prefer wooden doors for centuries. Therefore, Tata Steel Company has brought the consumers a wide range of Tata Pravesh doors that has revolutionized the way people look at steel doors. Using the unparalleled strength of steel and the elegance of wood, they continue to satisfy customers throughout the years. 

A Comprehensive Blend of Steel and Wood 

The new generation of modern customers prefers sturdy doors that can withstand damages caused due to natural elements without having to adjust to the overall appeal of the property. Good quality wood for wooden doors is expensive and causes harm to the environment. Also, it needs treatment for termite attacks, and the process has multiple hassles. On the other hand, the Tata Pravesh doors offer impressive designs, plain wood finish, and simple steel finish doors for varied residential and commercial applications. These doors are successfully revolutionizing the doors of today for a secure and sustainable tomorrow.  

Why Choose Tata Pravesh Doors? 

The Tata Pravesh doors are highly reliable, and the quality of the doors is twelve times better than wooden doors. The use of high-quality steel in them endures any weather condition and automatically resists fire. Tata Steel company enables us to avail superior products at pocket-friendly prices from an exhaustive range of steel doors that can amplify the property’s beauty. What more, Tata Pravesh doors come with a set of accessories such as lock, keyholes, peephole, lockset, tower bolt, stopper, hinges, etc., thus offering value for money. In addition to that, they also give you a 5-Year warranty on locks, manufacturing defects, color and texture fading, and a 1-Year warranty for all other accessories. Furthermore, to completely close the deal, they also give you free delivery and installation by the expert team. 

A Journey towards Sustainability  

Tata Pravesh has been certified with Greenpro by CII in Nov’2018. With the strength of steel, every two Tata Pravesh Door ensures that no damage is caused to Mother Nature. Thus, guaranteeing that the product is eco-friendly throughout its lifecycle. Moreover, it empowers a customer with product knowledge and guides them towards a green and sustainable product. 

Final Thoughts 

The Tata Pravesh door are ideally suited for both residential and commercial purposes that are available in 35 different designs to choose from. The design and toughness of the doors are such that they can easily compete with the regular doors and keep you and your loved ones secured.  

Lastly, if you are looking to choose a door that can give value for money and make you feel happy about your property’s look and feel. Then, you can contact us today as we have been the trusted face of Tata Steel since 2000 and beautify your premise with the elegant and sturdy Tata Pravesh Door.