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SM Corp has been the face of Tata Steel in North Eastern region since the year 2000. We are part of SM Group with revenues exceeding 800 crore and having diverse interest in Steel Roofing, Bitumen & Emulsions, LAMC coke, Real Estate and Hospitality.

NETWORK: We serve customers through a strong network of 550 dealers across North East.
INFRASTRUCTURE: In order to provide faster and last mile delivery to our customers we have warehouses at Guwahati (Amingaon and Boragaon), Jorhat, Silchar & Agartala.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: We have a team of 50 dedicated sales people stationed at different parts of North East in order to provide customer service.


tata tiscon ultima

Tata Tiscon ultimaare plasma coated zinc rebars. The coating is done by tata steel’s own patented Electrolytic Plasma Technology (EPT) which ensures superior corrosion resistance at optimal coating thickness. This is the only technology of its kind available anywhere in the world.


TMT rebars are the strongest inner foundation giving lifelong support to a structure. TATA TISCON SD is the undisputed ruler in this near 18 Million tonne market. TATA TISCON SD provide the strength giving the structure 15% more flexibility compared to other rebars in the market.


TISCON Readybuild provides ready to use customized rebar. solutions for modern age steel structures. The services include cut & bend rebars, cut & bend , couplers and centralized BBS (BAR Bending Schedule). These services can be used by every construction segment such as infrastructure, industrial and housing & commercial.


Steel Hollow sections – the flagship product range of Tata Structura to build the architecturally.
The flexibility of Tata Structura hollow sections is best for building shopping malls, atriums and space frames, airports, signage and hangers. These sections are ideal to build sturdy structures that are easy to maintain and cost-effective.


Tata Prevesh doors and windows combines the strength of steel with the elegance of wood. The readymade steel doors and windows from tata steel offers 35 designs to match your needs. These are termite resistant , can brave the weather , fits your budget and takes security to a new level.

Tata agrico

Tata agrico is the oldest brand of tata steel and pioneer in agricultural implements. Today tata agrico products are used by the following industry segments – agricultural, infrastructure automobile, carpentry, nurseries and general engineering.

Tata Pipes are the arteries of a developing India and the pioneers of plumbing pipes in India conveying liquids and low-pressure gases across the country.

Tiscon Superlinks or stirrups are made of high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar. These ensure consistency, quality & accuracy and minimizes error thus speeding up work.


Tiscon Footing is prefabricated rebar kit that minimizes construction hassles, saves time available in standard sizes providing accurate shape, zero wastage and minimum installation time.




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