The quality of steel TMT bars matters a lot. The lifespan and safety of a building depend upon the condition of TMT bars, hence it is necessary to store and organize TMT bars properly. If the TMT bars aren’t handled properly, it may result in huge damage, the structure of the building won’t be strong, and it will affect the performance.   

TMT bars go through a lot of procedures at the construction site. If the procedures aren’t followed properly, the steel bar may be ruined. Some of the techniques are fabrication, welding, stacking, cutting, unloading, and bending.   

Good knowledge of TMT bars is essential to secure the strength of buildings.  

  • The construction site should have the facility to cover it with polythene sheets because steel is reactive to dust and moisture.  
  • Stacking the bars is essential to prevent collapsing. There should be an alteration of heights for different diameters.  
  • TMT bars’ categorization should be as per the length, starting from 5.6mm to 32mm.  
  • The spaces between the bars must be maintained, i.e., 1-2 meters, for equal distribution of load.   
  • To ensure solid concrete strength, one must avoid excessive transverse and longitudinal load. It may damage the rib structure.  
  • There should be a raised wooden platform to avoid direct contact with the mud-covered ground.  

 Stacking of these bars should be appropriately done to evade the overall impact on the steel’s tensile strength.  The handling makes it easy to identify the bars therefore it is always advisable to store and organize TMT bars appropriately.

  • When the bars are correctly categorized, it helps in identifying the required stack of TMT bars. 
  • Once the bars are identified, it helps categorize TMT bars’ bundle by grade and size. 

TMT bars have great strength that helps to withstand harsh climatic conditions. It not only protects from danger but also ensures safety and security for the house.  

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