Tatas have made a policy to sell their Steel bars by numbers. Why?

People constructing their own houses have little knowledge of reinforcement bars. As part of standardization, TMT steel is manufactured in diameters of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and so on.

Designers specify the diameter and number of bars to be provided. It is not easy to identify the diameter of the bar unless it is stamped or the person is well experienced. Earlier manufactures did not have the facility of stamping the bar with size or brand. Now due to the advancement of technology each bar is stamped with the diameter and make.

Many small manufacturers make steel of say 7.5 mm and sell it as 8mm. For a layman both look identical and the 7.5mm bar weighs less by 12 percentage than 8mm bar. Most of the weighing machines have tampered and it will show weight as an 8mm bar. A commoner makes an assessment about a number of bars and their approximate weight and he is satisfied with the weight billed by the seller.

 Tata steel bars has studied this gullible activity and to protect the customer they made it mandatory to specify the number of bars in the bill. Sellers get only legitimate profit by selling these bars. Most sellers encourage another local brand’s as the margin is more and also cheat customers by duping them in weight.

All small contractors receive a commission from sellers of materials. They always favor non-standard brands.

Technically most standard manufacturers produce steel of acceptable quality. However, it is always worth paying a little more for standard brands. You are assured of quality.

For lintel bands, 2/3 bars are provided at the top and bottom. 6mm rings are provided at 150mm spacing.

250 Kg of 8mm bars is 632m in length. Each Metre weighs 0.395 Kg. Each bar is 12m long. So you need to buy 52~53 bars of 8mm. Buy 38 bars of 6mm. Each meter weighs 0.22 Kg. Confirm the length of each bar before purchasing and adjust

I do not find any necessity to upgrade to 10mm bars. If window openings are more than one meter provide three bars of 8mm. Else Two should be sufficient. Any bars leftover can be utilized later for other works.

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