Hospitals are the powerhouses that ensure the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Every hospital in India and abroad strives to create a healthy atmosphere equipped with modern equipment and furniture for the speedy recovery of a patient. Hospital medicine trolleys play an important part by storing the required medicines and equipment for the treatment of a patient. It is made up of steel hollow sections. 

There are various kinds of hospital trolleys manufactured in India using high-quality raw materials. They come in a variety of sizes, forms and are made from various elements like metals, stainless steel, and plastic depending on the requirements. Also, every trolley has a specific application inside a hospital. Hospital medicine trolleys are used inside an ICU, patient ward, OPD and doctor’s chambers. The various types of hospital trolleys available are as follows: 

  • Hospital Medicine Trolley 

Hospital medicine trolleys are essential for keeping required medicine near a hospital bed, in a private ward or public ward. Also, these are required for taking medicine along with the patient in case he needs to be shifted around the hospital. A hospital medicine trolleys come in various forms and sizes with options of top tray, lockable drawers, and utility containers. Also, these can be customized to be stationary according to the need of a hospital. 

  • Stainless Steel Hospital Trolley 

Stainless steel hospital trolleys are manufactured using high-grade stainless steel to ensure strength and longer life/durability. The use of stainless-steel trolleys can be beneficial in hospital areas where there is a risk of rusting and contamination. Also, stainless steel trolleys can be customized according to the use and need of a hospital, making it a very useful and sturdy for the hospital use. 

  • Ward Dressing Trolley 

Dressing trolleys are a bit different from a hospital medicine trolley as dressing trolleys do not come with medicine cabinet. Instead, they are open at all sides with various detachable/ fixed accessories that fasten the wound dressing process. These trolleys too, are made from stainless steel to avoid the risk of contamination due to rusting and are highly-mobile, ensuring ease of dressing for a hospital attendant/doctor. 

Tata Structure Steel Hollow Section is best for building a shopping mall, atrium and space frames, airports, signage, and hanger, etc. This steel hollow section is best for making strong hospital medicine trolley. These sections are ideal to build sturdy structures that are easy to maintain and cost-effective. 

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