TATA TISCON Plasma Coated Rebar is the newest, most technologically advanced rebar offered by TATA Steel. A cutting-edge product from Tata Tiscon, Plasma Rebar is the only rebar brand in India manufactured using patented EPT – Electrolytic Plasma Technology. Plasma rebars are coated with zinc and treated with additional surface passivation for higher resistance to corrosion in the atmospheric environment and cement-concrete medium. The product has good coating consistency, superior corrosion performance, and suitability to the Indian construction market.

Coating by the EPT method provides enhanced corrosion protection at uniform and optimal coating thickness. Zinc coating provides sacrificial protection which is superior to any other coating leading to no danger of uncoated regions. The coating does not peel off to expose the rebar surface and prominence of ribs is maintained even after coating. Weldability and Bendability are equivalent to ordinary uncoated rebars. This rebar protects against unfavorable construction practices including inappropriate water to cement ratio, less cover, improper compaction of concrete, etc. The life of the rebar is further enhanced by the plasma coating. This rebar is available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm diameters.

Not only Tata TISCON Plasma Rebars can be used in straight length form, but this can also be easily bent to form stirrups and footing either using automated machines or manually on-site without adversely affecting the coating performance. There is bending restriction in other coated rebars available in the market however plasma coated rebars have a uniqueness in terms of bending flexibility (bend radius greater than 6D; where D is rebar diameter).

The major benefits of using TATA TISCON Plasma Rebars are –

  1. Superior Rust protection
  2. Double layer of coated protection (Zinc, Passivation)
  3. Better bond strength of rebar with concrete
  4. The coating does not peel off
  5. Bendability and Weldability equivalent to normal rebars

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