With the growing awareness of environmental problems, people are looking for eco-friendly solutions for their homes also. Sustainability is also a growing concern in the construction industry. From reduced operational costs to energy efficiency, over the past few years, homeowners have also understood the implications of eco-friendly home construction techniques. There are multiple ways to build an environment-friendly home. Here we have outlined some options for you:

  • Eco-friendly construction materials

From TMT steel bars to linoleum flooring, sustainable materials help to reduce the impact of the construction on the environment. The manufacturing process of the TMT steel bar adopts an environment-friendly approach. Compared to conventional steel bars, TMT steel bars use 17% less steel and deliver 20% more strength. Using thermal efficient blocks for construction improves the environment-friendly credentials of the house even if the other materials are less eco-friendly in nature.

  • Green foundations for your house

Instead of concrete, you can opt for greener options such as rammed earth and rubble for the foundation of your home. Compacted rubble can be reinforced using TMT steel bars which assure a solid foundation for holding the overall structure. Rammed earth foundation also forms a solid base for the walls when contained within an effective mold.

  • A green roof

The design of the green roof follows the pattern of traditional roofing. The only difference is that the materials are obtained from sustainable sources. Instead of concrete tiles, use wood shingles and thatched roofing material for your home. A green living roof offers excellent insulation and can retain rainwater. However, the main roof must be strong for supporting the additional weight.

  • Intelligent home design

Consider the natural topography and design your home accordingly. Focus on designs that maximize cross ventilation. This also brings in natural light in your home reducing the need for artificial light. Use structured insulated panels for the roofs and the walls. You may also use earth blocks made from compressed soil for the structural walls in your home.

  • Harness the power of the sun

Solar-powered panels are the best way to reduce your energy bills. Install solar panels on your roof for increasing the efficiency of your home.

Constructing a house with these points in mind not only helps in protecting the environment but also provides ease and comfort. Materials required are easily available and affordable for all. So, choose the best in your construction process and build an eco-friendly house.

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