Steel Hollow Sections are a type of steel that forms into a hollow tubular section. They are also known as structural steel tubes and Hollow Structural Sections (HSS). The application of steel hollow sections is mostly as beams in welded frames, columns and offers various construction and mechanical utilization benefits. 

About Tata Structura  

The Tata Steel-Tubes Strategic Business Unit (SBU) produces hollow structural sections as ‘Tata Structura.’ The top quality Tata Structura Steel Hollow sections use raw materials from Tata Steel’s magnificent Hot Strip Mill. Therefore, Tata Structura Hollow Sections are especially perfect for structures in earthquake-prone areas. This is so because the Tata Structura Hollow sections are durable, lightweight, and are more seismic force resistant. Hence, they are the most preferred choice by architects, fabricators, and structural engineers for airports, metro & railway stations, malls, IT & industrial complexes, solar support structures, etc. 

Product Attributes of Tata Structura- HSS 

  • Tata Structura is the only player in the structural steel segment in India that is now Green-Pro certified by CII-IGBC. 
  • The smooth edges of the product are best suited for architecturally exposed steel for a visually appealing look.  
  • The superior sectional properties of Tata-Structura allow efficiency and effectiveness resulting in material savings. 
  • It also has high torsional rigidity meaning the product resists twisting in a particular direction.  
  • The high grade of steel and better ductility ensures a lighter-weight structural system. 
  • The well-rounded corners of the Hollow Structural Steel ensure a uniform coating of thickness. 
  • The Tata Structura product saves on material due to higher grade resulting in lesser cost for fabrication and erection. 
  • The product has a rust-free surface finish, and there is no need to make treatment before painting. 

    The 5 Cs of Tata Structura 

  •  Cost-Effective 
  • Corrosion Resistant 
  •  Concentric Strength 
  • Convenience of Fabrication 
  • Creativity 

Types of Steel Hollow Sections 

Tata Structura Hollow Structural Sections are available in four types. Every hollow section has its unique attributes that are put to use for a specific purpose. 

  • Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) 
  • Square Hollow Sections (SHS) 
  • Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) 
  • Galvanized Hollow Sections (GHS) 


The Tata Structura Hollow Structural Sections conform to the highest manufacturing standards. They are superior in quality and provide excellent durability that caters to construction needs under architectural, infrastructural, industrial application, and general engineering categories. 

SM Corporation has been the trusted face of Tata Steel in the entire Northeastern region since the year 2000. We provide our service in all the states of North-East. So, if you are looking to buy the best Hollow Structural Steel, contact us today.