Metal oxidizes with the atmospheric oxygen for several reasons such as water, moisture, acid reaction etc. It is known as Corrosion. Corrosion in tmt bars is a natural process but the damage for it is irreversible, it is the gradual destruction of metal for chemical with the environment. Corrosion happens in structural material in which steel/iron is involved.

Steps to avoid Corrosion:

TMT Bars are the main components that determine the strength to the structure.

Corrosion gradually destructs the materials that cause losing the strength from TMT Bars. It is so severe that if it does not taken care on time it may cause for collapsing the building as well.

In RCC the main two components are:

  • Cements
  • TMT Bars.

Therefore, Corrosion can be harmful to the RCC. There is preventive measure that needs to be taken to avoid Corrosion.

How Corrosion Develop in Steel?

When Steel Rebar’s are exposed to the environment for longer time for moisture, chemical reaction etc. it develop the rust in outer surface.

Over the time it build up more that result extensive cracks to the material and break in fragments.

Concrete embedded steel corrosion happens in three stages:

  • Incubation
  • Initiation
  • Propagation

Stages through which Corrosion Develop:

What does incubation mean in corrosion- Incubation period is the total time that a structure develop crack nucleation and in later part it progresses as a massive crack. The end result of it is fatal and causes devastating damage to the structure.

Initiation – Initiation phase is the time when masked damaged to the material becomes prominent and the beginning for the loss of the aggregative time period.

Propagation – In Propagation phase due to acceleration of the corrosion to the reinforced bars finally lead to rust for which it directly causes rust spots, interstice and fragments to the material. It is the phase when the visible effect for corrosion is seen.

How to prevent Corrosion?

Anti-Corrosion Treatment is extensive that we will miss discuss on later stage but here are some cost effective and easy process that can help you to avoid Corrosion.

  • Only use best quality corrosion Resistant TMT bars that are made with less Carbon and Sulphur.
  • Places where you keep the materials make sure it is dry and clean.
  • Apply Drying Agents.
  • The base where you are strong the materials cover with plastic, wood so that the materials is not exposed with ground directly
  • Use a sacrifice anode to provide a cathode protection system.

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