The architecture in ancient times consisted of wood, adobe cave dwellings, and thatch. Today, the cities have fancy buildings, skyscrapers, and towers. We have come a long way. Let us take a look at which constructing material is a better material in terms of development today.  

  • Strength  

Concrete – The composite material made of cement, gravel, and water concrete has high compressive strength but lacks tensile strength. The tensile capacity, ductility, and elasticity can escalate only if it is reinforced with steel rebars.  

Steel – It is one of the widely used materials in the construction industry. TMT bars are strong and durable, mainly used in the construction of houses to protect them from dangers.   

  • Costs  

Concrete – The price of concrete calls out for additional expenses due to maintenance and repair work.   

Steel – Steel requires less maintenance and does not decay fast. Hence it also proves to be reasonable. Steel is more cost-effective than concrete. Because of the outstanding longevity, it does not need other additional costs of repair.   

  • Ductility  

Concrete –  Mortar buildings and brick have poor ductility. They are vulnerable to earthquakes and can absorb little energy.  

Steel – TMT bars can absorb shocks and are of the best earthquake-resistant bars. They have an extraordinary feature that is Thermocore technology that makes the inner core of these bars flexible while the outer core provides strength and ductility.   

  • Versatility  

 Concrete – Concrete can be molded in many shapes. But it is not a versatile material when it comes to open spans and floor to floor constructions.  

Steel – Steel has superb flexibility and can be molded in different shapes and structures. In terms of versatility, concrete cannot be compared with steel that offers exquisite options.  

While involving in construction projects, a lot of things come into play. Not choosing the right material can be detrimental.    

Final Verdict   

Steel proves to be a better material in terms of development today due to its good longevity, cost efficiency, and flexibility. Hence choose TMT bars for constructing the best of the best structures. They are preferred over many other constructing materials because of the ductility. Apart from all these features, it also secures the house from harsh weather conditions and other dangers.  

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