On 25th April 2015, there was a devastating earthquake in Nepal that claimed 9 thousand precious lives in and around Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. The earthquake caused massive destruction to more than 6 lakhs of homes. According to researchers, the loss of life from an earthquake due to the falling of structural wreckage was lower in India because strong and sturdy TMT bars were used in most buildings.  

TMT bars are high grade, earthquake-resistant bars. They have set a standard for earthquake-proof buildings. 

Now let us see the role of TMT bars during an earthquake.   

Outstanding Seismic Performance   

Some of the extraordinary features of TMT bars include ductility, elongation, workability, and strength. TMT bar has two prime properties that are ductility and elongation that help to withstand earthquakes and absorb the shock without causing any damage. Their external surface has a robust material. Because of the elongation and ductility characteristics, it ensures tensile stress during seismic activities.   

What are the things that you need to consider while selecting earthquake resistant TMT Bars?   

Before selecting earthquake resistant TMT Bars, make sure it has the mechanical properties like high elongation percentage, great strength, high –tech block mills that are well suited for India’s earthquake zones.   

How to know whether a TMT Bar is Earthquake Proof?   

The TMT bars have certain grades such as Fe-699, Fe-550, Fe-500D, Fe-500, Fe-415D and Fe-500D, Fe-500, Fe-415D. According to various studies, Fe-415 has the appropriate mix of tensile strength and ductility which makes it suitable for construction in earthquake-prone regions. The NCS (National Centre of Seismology) stated that India’s plate is shifting at a rate of around 45mm per year. According to NCS, more than 56% of the land is vulnerable to those regions where there are low and severe tremors. Hence TMT Bars should be chosen for the safety of the house.  

TMT bars not only helps in protecting from dangers but also provides ductility and elongation to withstand earthquakes. This ensures the safety and security of the house.  

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