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Wiser Homes

About the product

Increasing awareness of energy related environment issues coupled with the constant need for energy by any growing business house, led SM Corp to partner German based Schneider Electric to offer a comprehensive range on energy efficiency solutions.

Under our WiserHomes brand, we have lighting efficiency solutions for both residential and commercial purposes.

Our home based automation technology enables the user to seamlessly control his music, home theatre, lighting and security systems through a single programme remotely via secured internet server though his laptop or through his mobile phone. The technology gives the user complete control of their house or office at the touch of button.

In the commercial space like offices, conference hall, auditoriums, the system can provide centralized lighting, HVAC control and integration of multi-media and telecommunications which lowers the maintenance cost and gives relief from high energy bills, thereby saving 30% of energy consumption.

Advantage SM Corp

The Company’s dedicated customer service agents are equipped at assessing the client’s space, understanding the lighting requirements and providing solutions to best suit their environment.

Besides, we also install the product where and when the client needs it anywhere in the Northeast.

Few of our successful installations have been lighting automation solutions at the guest house of Guwahati refinery and Auditorium centralised lighting solutions at Department of Trade and Development, Kohima, Nagaland.

At both the places, the end objective has been to provide the client ease of operation and the ability to control different lights from a single location.