Structural steel is a commonly used resource in the construction industry. These are mainly shaped to build bridges, ships, buildings as well as off-shore rigs and pipelines. It adapts to several various functions and activities. It is the most preferred steel over any metal for architects because of its numerous advantages. The manufacturers use different structural steel sections such as steel plates, light steel sections, composite panel cladding systems, etc., for various construction projects. 

5 major reasons why architects choose structural steel over other materials 

Let’s take a look at the following points that best explains why it is the most preferred steel by the architects: 

  • Continuous innovation – Structural Steel enables the architects to experiment and innovate continuously at the same time. Hence, modern architects will go for it over other building materials to construct innovative projects that stay strong.
  • Sustainable construction material – Structural steel is a 100% recyclable resource, with approximately 630 million tons of steel recycled every year. Its ability to be recycled repeatedly without ever losing quality makes it genuinely compatible with long-term sustainable development. Also, it can be multi-cycled without any loss of quality.
  • Ductile and tensile – The ductility property in structural steels permits a structure to survive a severe earthquake loading. It provides a warning signal before an actual failure. Furthermore, the tenacity property ensures that it can hold against all kinds of external pressures such as earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes. It is used to strengthen the existing material and to check concrete’s low tensile strength and flexibility. These properties make it the most preferred metal for building skyscrapers, residential buildings, bridges, office buildings, etc.
  • Highly flexible – The high flexibility of structural steels allows architects to convert them into any shape and size. It ensures that architects can introduce unique curves to the project’s structural design, thereby keeping its inherent strength intact. The project will have a beautiful effect on its design while remaining functional. 
  • Saves time and money – With structural steel, the construction process is less time-consuming as many steel components come prefabricated. The fabricators engineer some standard sizes and shapes, thus making them ready for installing. This means that the Arge projects can be completed in just a few weeks.  

Moreover, structural steel’s lifespan is expected to be much longer than a wood-build one, thus making the construction more economical in the long run. Additionally, other construction materials often need expensive professional intervention, which might drive maintenance costs up. 

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