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About the product

Tata Tubes is the country’s leading welded steel tube manufacturer.  The tubes are manufactured from high quality hot rolled coils from the state-of-the-art hot strip Tata Steel mill. As a result, they are manufactured in ISO certified manufacturing facilities, under strict quality control norms, and have high strength and durability.

The Tubes division promotes three of businesses – the plumbing and irrigation tubes business under the Tata Pipes brand, the black pipes business and the steel hollow sections business under the Tata Structura brand.

Tata Pipes caters to the plumbing and irrigation sectors.

Black Pipes cater to cold storage and HVAC applications, industrial end-usage, sanitation systems and water and sewage transportation.

Structural Tubes (Tata Structura) are used for a variety of architectural, industrial, scaffolding, infrastructural and general engineering applications. Landmark airport structures in India have been built using Tata Structura and the product is increasingly being accepted among the architect and builder community.

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Advantage SM Corp

In a market where steel pipes are a commodity and cheap substitutes rampant, Tata Steel managed to create a brand which resonates with trust, quality and longevity.

Being the only steel pipe manufacturer with 80% of retail sales, Tata Pipes focuses on customer service and convenience as much as delivering the best quality product.

Following the Tata example of putting customer first, SM Corp has carved a niche for itself as the most preferred steel product supplier in the Northeast. 

The Company’s approach for marketing the various products under the Tube division varies as the level of affluence and education varies from low-end steel pipes to high-end structural tubes.

The commercial tubes division robust marketing and sales team interact with over 175 dealers across the network.
Besides, catering to the product needs of its distribution network, the sales personnel helps the dealers develop the area for the product.

We hold Plumber Meets to educate the plumbers on the advantages of using steel pipes as opposed to PVC in the high seismic northeast zones. The long-run advantages on cost, durability and longevity are explained. Moreover the health benefits of steel pipes over PVC are explained. The process in which Tata Steel Pipes are manufactured is explained dispelling the fears of rusting and associated disadvantages with steel pipes.

The Structural Tubes division caters to architects, developers and industrial honchos in the region. As such, the service experience is as important if not more.

The Company has a Structura Design Studio at its corporate office where project consultants, developers and fabricators can experience the product and experiment with it before deciding on a purchase.

Besides the Studio, the Company holds various seminars and product education meets amongst various groups of builders, fabricators, technicians and industry personnel.

Amongst the other service advantages, the Company provides turnkey solutions based on the use of Structural Tubes across various segments.

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