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About the Product

Tata Tiscon is India’s first TMT rebar and is made from pure steel, with the most advanced TMT technology from Tempcore, Belgium. Tata Tiscon rebars are 'hot rolled' in fully automated rolling mills and subjected to on-line thermo-mechanical treatment in three stages - quenching, self tempering and atmospheric cooling. Empowered with the latest technology supplied by Morgan, USA, the product is an industry benchmark.

Tata Tiscon is the only rebar in the market today that provides consistent mechanical and chemical properties. 

Tata Tiscon is manufactured to suit varying construction needs and offers three products in the Tiscon range - TATA TISCON 500 SD, TATA TISCON 500 D & TATA TISCON CRS.

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Advantage SM Corp

Over the years, Tata Tiscon de-commoditized the rebars category with its approach of educating the consumer on the characteristics and advantages of a TMT rebar while building their homes.  This approach has eventually led to a better understanding, in turn empowering the consumer.   As a result, a slew of regional brands have developed giving the consumer the power to choose.

The Company has used the Tata example of educating and service to raise the bar in customer education in the Northeast.

The Company has two different sales divisions catering to the specific needs of a retailer and institutional buyer.

Retail division
A team of 10 area sales officers guide 150 retailers on ways to conduct business, upgrade their product knowledge and how to market the product to their clients. As result, they not only sell the product but also educate the retailers on how to grow their business.
The retailers have the constant support of an organised customer service team, called customer service engineers, at our end. They get instant clarity on any product related information or about their account and order status from these engineers. The retailer is connected with our SAP system and can access the status of his order on his own as well.

Project division
For our institutional buyers, we work towards simplifying his buying procedure by giving him a solution which fits his comfort level.
They can place their order via phone, email or an online form and get the material delivered at their site on the required date. To facilitate large-scale transactions of its customers, SM Corp has devised certain banking arrangements through inland letter of credit or bank guarantees to allow for credit-based sales. Once a deal is made we honour our price and volume commitments, despite industry fluctuations.

In the near future, the Company intends to offer a cut and bend facility catering to the need of customised lengths and shapes by our institutional buyers.