The cut and bend structures required in construction often use rebars of different sizes and shapes. Often cutting & bending of the rebars is done at the construction site by the unskilled laborers. Since it is manually done by the laborers, hence there are high chances of inaccuracies & inefficiencies in the system. There are many other challenges that are faced by different stakeholders during the construction process that includes timely availability of material, skilled labor shortages, wastages, scrap disposal, etc. Tata Tiscon Readybuild bars stands as an effort to simplify your life and brings hassle-free construction for you when it comes to rebar usage.

TISCON Ready build provides ready to use customized rebar. Solutions for modern age steel structures. The services include cut & bend rebars, cut & bend, couplers and centralized BBS (BAR Bending Schedule). These services can be used by every construction segment such as infrastructure, industrial and housing & commercial.

TISCON Ready Build provides the reliability of steel and supply, better site productivity due to reduced involvement of labour and reduced wastage. The use of Ready Build will facilitate timely completion of projects leading to a better Working Capital Management and revenue realization for the construction companies.

Ready Build benefits:

  • No Wastages –

Since the cutting & bending process will be done at Ready Build Center, hence the wastages at the site become zero.

  1. Less Labour Hassles –

Labourers at a construction site essentially perform two functions involving rebars; cutting and bending and tying. Ready Build will significantly reduce the dependence on the labourers for cut and bend activities.

  • Unmatched Quality –

Being a TATA TISCON rebar, Ready Build is made from Virgin iron ore giving its superior strength and ductility than the secondary steel rebars in the market. It is also cut and bent by high precision machines making it the best in class in the category for ready to use rebars.

  • Freedom in Design –

The machines use to make Ready Build can transform any Tata Tiscon Readybuild bars into a shape you envision. You can now have the freedom to design complex columns, pillars, ceilings being worry-free on the rebar to be used.

  • Easier Procurement

Ready Build is available in various lengths and diameters. Usually, the practice is to procure rebar for each requirement, then cut and bend at a later stage. Utilizing Ready Build, you ensure that the procurement of rebars is inherently taken care of.

SM Corp, a prominent dealer for TATA STEEL brings to its customer ultra-strong Ready Build Rebars that gives the perfect hold and support to a property.

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