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Team Head

We have a  100 plus, robust sales and service team complemented by an adept logistics and supply chain for each product segment, namely TMT construction rebars, tubes, machine hand-tools, SafeHomes and WiserHomes, each headed by a product head.  A product head reports directly to the General Manager (Marketing and Sales) and has the autonomy and responsibility to handle day-to-day affairs of their respective product segments.  To their merit, the team has successfully launched and re-launched at least five brands in the Northeast.

Advantages of product focused teams

  • Ensure a healthy competition among teams leading to sustainable growth of the Company
  • Greater orientation towards the application of the product, developing solution providers rather than mere sales agents
  • Ability to conduct an in-depth analysis and accurately forecast market size
  • Develop stronger relationships with the 500 dealers the Company has in the Northeast

A part of the success can be attributed to our recommended and need-based training programmes.

The need based training programmes are developed largely from performance appraisals ensuring timely development of skills and abilities and avoiding professional setbacks.

Besides training on functional aspects, we have various programmes focussed on developing behavioural skills as well. We focus on personality and communication skills, deal negotiating skills, management skills and stress management skills. These skills help our team while interacting with dealers, consumers and clients at large.   

We also have employee engagement programmes to help connect the different teams better. We take co-related teams on field trips to help build team familiarity and camaraderie.  Further, we are planning to introduce team sports across the Company so that employees get acquainted with each other building team spirit and cohesiveness. Further, to stem attrition and enhance growth at the senior level, we plan to introduce programmes to engage the family members of senior managers in the CSR activities of the Group. Such activities, would help families understand the ethos of the Company and hence provide moral support to the managers.

At the basic level, all employees are eligible for gratuity and pension schemes along with almost a month of earn leave. Each employee is an important part of the SM Group and his importance is expressed through a personalised greeting card on his birthday every year.