TMT steel bar are extensively used in different kinds of civil construction projects forming the cornerstone of modern city life. They are used for making buildings, beams, columns, and other kinds of structures that bear a load of people as well as their belongings. Being the core strength of all kinds of structure, TMT bars are required to be capable of withstanding large loads. They should be able to offer protection to a structure against earthquakes and windstorms. Poor quality materials like cheap steel bars generally contain a very high level of unknown elements that can be harmful for construction. In other words, these steel bars lack the required physical and chemical properties making them inappropriate construction material.

When talking about TMT Bars, it is important to talk about their grades. There are different grades for different types of structures. So, here is the ultimate guide that could be used at the time of buying TMT Bars:

  1. Fe 600: These are used for the construction of structures that require industrial-grade strength. They are apt for structures such as airports, ports, hospitals, and places where structural integrity takes precedence.
  2. Fe 550: These are used for the construction of structures that are in or near a humid area, a coastal area and are very popular in below the ground structure such as the basement.
  3. Fe 500: These are used for the construction of skyscrapers, mountain bridges, and railways bridges.
  4. Fe 415: These are used for the construction of houses, public halls, schools, hospitals, and conference halls and is known for its ease to work with. It is also perfect for places with high corrosion and offers good protection against fires and earthquakes.

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